Activity Introduction

dirtgirl1Quick summary: Each year, thousands people across Australia take part in Schools Tree Day. This activity is designed to helps students learn about how to plant, and care for the seedlings they grow during Schools Tree Day.

Schools Tree Day 2014 is on Friday 25th July, although events can be held at any time during the year. To take part you don’t have to be planting trees, you could be growing a vegetable garden, weeding a previously planted area, adding shrubs to the building surrounds or venturing out to the local bush to lend community groups a helping hand.

So get growing! Take part in the largest nature-care event in Australian schools. You’ll be joining thousands of amazing educators in making a difference, fostering a child’s love of nature and creating positive environmental change. Don’t forget to register at

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For more extensive dirtgirl resources check out the website. The dirtgirlworld App is jam-packed with interactive fun things to make you want to get outside and get grubby! 




Learning goals:

  • Students understand that trees are living things;
  • Students understand that seeds have a growth cycle from seed to tree;
  • Students understand  how to plant and care for a tree;
  • Students take responsibility for their local environment. 

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking.

Australian Curriculum content description: As this activity is intended to adapt for a range of year levels, no explicit links have been provided.

Topic: Schools Tree Day, Biodiversity.

Year levels: Early Learning – Year 4.

Time required: 60 mins

Level of teacher scaffolding: Facilitate students in sharing their ideas about planting trees.

Resources required: Internet access, computers, seeds or seedlings.

Digital technology opportunities: Digital sharing capabilities.

Homework and extension opportunities: Encourage students to plant a free at home. 


Cool Australia’s curriculum team continually reviews and refines our resources to be in line with changes to the Australian Curriculum.



Teacher Worksheet

scrapboyQuick summary: Venture into the great outdoors with your students and connect with nature. Walk around the school yard and ask your students to think about where you a good planting site might be. Discuss with your students what trees need to survive. Then come back inside and use the dirtgirl music video to learn how to plant a seed.




 Planet Ark have some terrific seed sticks to help with your school Tree Day. Check them out here.



Instructions: How to plant a tree

Step 1. Prepare your planting site. Clear any debris (leaf litter, sticks etc) and dig a hole deep enough to plant your tree into.

Step 2.Take your tree in your tub and squeeze the sides of the tub gently to loosen the tree from its tub (if your tree is grown in a biodegradable tub then you can place your tree straight into the ground).

Step 3. Place your tree into the hole and use the soil that has been dug out to fill the hole around the tree, making sure the soil covers the roots.

Step 4. Water generou

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Student Worksheet

Let's see how to plant a tree!


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